Apply The Science of Motivation®

Use science to accurately predict behaviours, decision making and future performance.

Reliably shape environments and experiences that enable people to be their best, in every situation.

Become an RMP Master

Master's Certification Program

The total program cost is $5,500 + GST. This includes certification, training and ongoing support as a certified RMP Master. Delivered flexibly, the program covers the following modules across 3 full days, or multiple sessions equivalent to 3 days.

Understanding The Science of Motivation®
The History – Psychodynamics vs Human Needs, The Development of the RMP, and The Theory of the 16 Desires.
The 16 Basic Desires
Each of the Desires In Detail, and Bringing Them to Life.
RMP Applications, Interpretation & Debriefs
Applications of the RMP, Interpreting a Profile, Conducting an Individual Debrief.
Applying Your Knowledge
Personality Traits and Themes, Relationships and Compatibility, Job Fit, and Team Profiling.
Being a Master
Accessing and Using the Reiss Motivation Testing Platform, The Community, Purchasing and Distributing Profiles, and Sales and Marketing.
Pre & Post Training Activities
Preparation and Pre-reads, Conducting Genuine Debriefs and Knowledge Check-ins.
Who Can Become Master?
Inspire those in your profession, to be their best.
RMP Masters in Business
RMP Masters in Business
HR & Org. Design Practitioners, Employee Experience (EX) Designers, Recruitment & Talent Management Specialists, Executive & Career Coaches.
RMP Masters in Sport
RMP Masters in Sport
Sports Psychologists and High Performance Coaches.
RMP Masters in Education
RMP Masters in Education
School Teachers, Educators, School Counsellors and Psychologists.
RMP Masters in Self-Development
RMP Masters in Self-Development
Psychologists, Life and Wellbeing Coaches.
Inspire those in your profession, to be their best.

Join us in sharing the Science of Motivation® with Australia.

Our vision is to establish a growing community in Australia where motivational science becomes the catalyst for growth, understanding and positive outcomes. We want you to help make this vision a reality.

Custom Platform
Use our custom testing platform to administer and debrief Reiss Motivation Profiles® with your clients and customers.
Become part of our growing community of RMP Masters across Australia.
Gain access to exclusive Master's resources and content.