The Reiss Motivation Profile®

A comprehensive, scientific measure of intrinsic motivation.

Developed empirically, the Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) has passed stringent peer reviews for publication in scientific journals, and has been endorsed by multiple independent researchers for its validity and reliability.

In short, the Reiss Motivation Profile® is The Science of Motivation®.

The Science of Motivation®

The Science of Motivation® is ground-breaking research that allows us to predict behaviour and decision-making, and understand how we interact with the world around us.

Professor Steven Reiss used a worldwide exploratory research method over several years to formulate the 16 universal basic desires, that are common to everyone and deeply rooted in human nature. Often referred to as values, needs, desires or common goals interchangeably.

He identified a comprehensive list of 500 items that would be considered common goals. After reducing this to 328 items by way of redundancies, each item was transformed into a statement to measure intensity of motivation; how much the item mattered to the individual. Factor analysis was used across a series of four studies, each with different samples (totalling 2,554 people, aged 12-76 and from all walks of life), to derive a final list of the 16 basic desires.

Following this break-through research, Professor Steven Reiss developed The Reiss Motivation Profile®; the world’s only comprehensive, standardised measure of motivation. Bringing the RMP to life through further rounds of empirical research.

The Five Characteristics of a Basic Desire
For a basic desire to be make the list, it must meet the following five characteristics.
Universal Goal
Universal Goal
Common to everyone and deeply rooted in human nature.
Life Motive
Life Motive
Fulfilling a basic desire is always temporary. Satisfying that desire requires repetitive action.
Intrinsic Motivation
Intrinsic Motivation
People pursue basic desires for no reason other than that is what they want.
Core Value
Core Value
Our basic desires and the intensity we place on each one determines our core values.
Psychological Significance
Psychological Significance
A motive must have psychological significance to be considered a basic desire.

It's a powerful tool, proven in its application.

The RMP is a normative test. Your scores are compared relative to other respondent’s within a normative group.
Reliability ensures a test produces stable and consistent results. The RMP has been peer reviewed on multiple occasions to confirm its test-retest and internal consistency reliability.
Validity confirms a test accurately measures what it is designed to measure. The RMP is endorsed and peer reviewed against concurrent and criterion validity measures.
What Do You Get?
The Reiss Motivation Profile® Report

Based on your responses to the RMP Survey, an RMP Report unique to you, will be generated. You will be given an intensity score against each of the 16 basic desires. This score represents the value you place on each desire, and therefore how you prioritise them in your life.

The RMP Report is a comprehensive view of self, and must be debriefed by a Certified RMP Master.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® Report
Getting Started

Meaningful insights about yourself and others at your fingertips.

Take or Administer the RMP
We work with individuals, teams and organisations to administer the RMP, generate individual and group insights, and help achieve performance goals and objectives.
Become an RMP Master
We certify you to administer and debrief the RMP with your customers and clients. As a Master, you have access to our custom built testing platform and our local Master's community.
Apply the Results
Based on the goals and objectives of your team or organisation, we work with you to apply the results of each RMP in a meaningful way.