Find the Why

Use science to accurately predict behaviours, decision making and future performance.

Unlock intrinsic motivation in business, sport and education to drive performance and create more connected and fulfilled lives.

Apply The Science of Motivation®

The RMP is the first comprehensive, standardised measure of what intrinsically motivates us.

As an RMP Master, you can use ground-breaking, modern and holistic insights to get beneath the surface, help people find their why and drive great performance outcomes.

Apply The Science of Motivation®
The RMP Difference
There are 7 trillion possible profiles, only 1 describes you.
Results are backed by research and science.
Results allow us to reliably predict behaviour and decision making.
Results are unique and allow a whole-of-self perspective.
Results can be meaningfully compared to others.
Results can be applied across all aspects of life.
Do you use DiSC, MBTI, LSI, HBDI?
Take a look at how the RMP stacks up against these tools.
RMP in Context

Measure Intrinsic Motives in Different Contexts

There are four applications of the Reiss Motivation Profile® to measure intrinsic motivation and drive performance across different contexts.

RMP for Business
Leadership and team effectiveness, career & professional development, organisational performance & culture, candidate mapping, and diversity & inclusion efforts.
RMP for Sports
Enable peak performance and manage behaviour patterns under pressure with athletes and teams. Identify and understand potential areas of conflict between teammates.
Reiss School Motivation Profile®
Understand a student's learning preferences, how they best perform and what motivates them to shape individual learning experiences.
RMP for Self-Discovery
Understand why individuals do what they do, what makes them tick and what they genuinely desire to achieve fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction across all aspects of life.
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The RMP Difference
How does the RMP differ from other psychometric tools on the market?
Four versions of the RMP to measure motivation in different contexts.
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