The Reiss Motivation Profile® is the only scientifically validated tool that improves performance in business, sport, education and life.

We certify RMP Masters and administer the Reiss Motivation Profile® to share
The Science of Motivation® with Australia.

The Science of Motivation®

Professor Steven Reiss spent his life researching The Science of Motivation®.

Through his research, the RMP was born. The first comprehensive, standardised measure of what motivates an individual.

With four validated applications, the RMP can be used to measure intrinsic motivation across the different life contexts of business, sport, education and life.

Generating ground-breaking insight to help individuals get their edge.

The Science of Motivation®
The RMP Difference

There are 7 trillion possible profiles, only 1 describes you.

Do you use DiSC, MBTI, LSI, HBDI? Take a look at how the RMP stacks up against these tools.

Results are backed by science.
Results are unique to the individual.
Results are comparable to others in a meaningful way.
Broad Application
Results can be applied across all aspects of life.
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